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hotel televisions

atlantic hospitality is pleased to offer our hotel televisions made specifically for the hotel and hospitality industry. our hotel televisions offer a variety of features which will compliment your guest's stay.

hotel alarm clock radios & ipod iphone stations

we are pleased to offer you our selection of hotel alarm clock radios, ipod & iphone docking stations ergonomically designed with the hotel guest in mind.

easy to set and use, our hotel alarm clock radios, ipod & iphone docking stations will enhance your guests experience. we offer hospitality alarm clock radios and docking stations which contain numerous unique features including single day alarm, ipod iphone charging docking stations, auto set clocks, preset tuning icons, and more, all of which are user friendly. our basic models offer standard am/fm alarm clock features with battery backups in many models shown followed by our mid tierd lines which add bring added features such as mp3 capability. finally our ipod/ iphone models will provide your guests with styles that fullfill their electronic charging & storage needs along with offering an extensive selection of features to choose from. please browse thru our selection shown above and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

please inquire about product details and pricing through our contact & product inquiry